Zêzere River

The River Zêzere rises in Serra da Estrela at close to 1900 metres altitude and, after a path of 214 km, meets the River Tagus in Constância. Its waters meander around a part of the Médio Tejo region, brightening the municipalities of Ferreira do Zêzere, Tomar, Abrantes, Constância, Sertã and Vila de Rei.

Walking along the Great Zêzere Route, which connects the source to the mouth of the river, visitors can discover the rich fauna and flora of the region which is combined with a vast and relevant cultural heritage. The path can be traversed not only on foot but also by bicycle or canoe. 

Enjoy the many river beaches that the Zêzere provides by diving into the clean waters or doing various water sports, such as canoeing, sailing, windsurf, kayak and wakeboard.

In Constância, Camões is remembered with a statue near the River Zêzere. Stroll around the Orchard Garden Camões and see the flora mentioned in the poet’s works: 52 species. The town of Dornes is also ornamented by the waters of the river. Located at a small peninsula that seems to invade the River Zêzere, it keeps the Tower of Dornes and the Nossa Senhora do Pranto Church close to a sublime natural landscape. 


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