Tagus River

The longest river in the Iberian Peninsula gives its name to the Médio Tejo region. The River Tagus (“Tejo”) rises in Spain at Serra de Albarracín at 1593 metres altitude and, after a path of 1007 km, flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Its riverbed embellishes the landscapes of Abrantes, Constância and Vila Nova da Barquinha. The rivers Zêzere, Alviela and Almonda flow into it. 

The region’s banks of the River Tagus are characterised for being fertile lands, where there are many agriculture fields, and for the existence of cork oaks, eucalyptus and olive groves at the steepest areas. In Constância, the river Zêzere flows into the Tagus, transforming this municipality into a place where river traditions flourish. 

Discover the River Tagus’ banks between Constância and Alvega (in the municipality of Abrantes) while walking along the Great Tagus Route. From the Abrantes Castle, be amazed by the wonderful landscapes offered by the river banks. The riverbed has many craggy islands. At one of those, it is set the striking Almourol Castle, which conveys an aura of mysticism and takes the visitors into the medieval period. 

Do water sports and other sports activities on the riverbanks. At Aquapolis, riverside urban park of Abrantes, make use of the bike lane, the volleyball and beach football pitches, as well as of the exercise machines and circuit. At the Recreational Park of Alvega, go on an adventure while practising canoeing. 


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