River Beach of Penedo Furado

The River Beach of Penedo Furado is a genuine paradise on earth. Walk through a narrow path carved onto the rock and discover the small waterfalls visible a few meters away. 

Close to a quite wooded rock massif, this is the most popular beach in the municipality of Vila de Rei, due not only to the clean and crystalline water, which slowly flows through its bed, but also to the facilities available. Adding up to the many shadows, the River Beach of Penedo Furado has good accesses, parking area, bar, locker rooms, picnic area and playground. 

This is the ideal place to spend time with your family, since the water has low depth. Campers are also frequent visitors of the beach. 



Penedo Furado, Milreu, 6110 Vila de Rei

GPS coordinates:

39º 37’ 31.87”N; 8º 9’ 44.48”W