The Aquapolis is a space of leisure and conviviality near the two banks of the river Tagus, where sports activities intersect with culture and history. 

Enjoy the great conditions available for sporting activities. Take advantage from the bicycle lane, the areas to play volleyball, rugby and beach football, the fitness equipment and circuit.  

Behold the sculptures at this space of leisure with riverside paths. The mural sculpture in marble by Santos Lopes has an inscription with an excerpt of the poem “O Tejo é mais belo” (“The Tagus is more beautiful”) by Fernando Pessoa. The sculpture by Charters de Almeida follows the same line of work as his contemporary works “Cidades Imaginárias” (“Imaginary Cities”). 

The group of pillars from an old bridge of boats from the 19th century (known as “Mourões”) and the Fountain of the Bulls (an old public washing-place) give a historical component to the space. 

On the north riverbank visitors can also find restaurants, a service station for motor homes, parking, ramp for access to the river and a playground.



Parque Urbano Ribeirinho de Abrantes, 2200-336 Abrantes

GPS coordinates:

39° 27' 10,211" N / 8° 11' 28,621" W