Serra de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park

Alcanena, Ourém and Torres Novas, three municipalities of the region of Médio Tejo, have areas integrated in the Serra de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park. 

The meeting of the two mountains gives unique natural characteristics to the park’s landscape. Be enchanted by the diversity of the fauna and flora, which is a point of interest for all who wish to fully connect with nature. The karst formations, such as caves and ravines, are the most typical natural heritage. The space is divided by rubble walls which, together with the area of olive grove and farmland, attest the human presence in the Natural Park.

The landscape is characterised by the lack of surface watercourses, by the plenty of underground streams and by the existence of some freshwater ponds. The commonly known as the “Minde Pond” is unique in Portugal. During winter, this depression is transformed into an immense lake that is fed by underground galleries which flood it, sometimes during many months. Its formation had origin in a lake that must have been connected with the Tagus tertiary basin and to which the waters must have flowed to.  

Be dazzled by the huge flora diversity, proved by the more than 600 species of plants, and with the existence of various types of vegetation with high scientific value, which grant to this protected area relevant national importance. 

The conditions offered by the park’s main existing biotypes are mirrored in the faunal heritage, which comprises more than 200 species of vertebrates. The symbol of this protected area is the cave bat. The eleven species of bats embody almost the total of all the types of mammals there are in the Serra de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park. There are also various amphibians, represented by thirteen species, a high number in the national context when taking into consideration the manifest dryness of the territory’s surface.


GPS coordinates:

39° 30' 11,897" N / 8° 42' 35,350" W

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  • Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Park
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