Serra da Melriça

It is at Serra da Melriça, at 593 metres altitude, that it is located the peak which marks the geodesic centre of Portugal in the municipality of Vila de Rei. From the top of the mountain, be amazed by the magnificent lush landscape, which touches the sky and stretches from Serra da Lousã to Serra da Estrela. 

Visit the Geodesy Museum and see a small collection of geodesic instruments and a group of panels about the Geodesy subject. The technological and scientific heritage of the museum is from the 19th century and it will take the visitors into a time and space travel. Discover the great adventures that took place in the country, when the geographic engineers began their observations facing bad weather, mobility difficulties and lack of electric energy.



Centro Geodésico de Portugal, 6110 Vila de Rei

GPS coordinates:

39º 41’ 41.38”N; 8º 7’ 48.97”W