Natural Monument of Dinosaur Footprints

Find at the Natural Monument of Dinosaur Footprints the oldest known record of sauropods footprints. Discovered in 1994, the outcrop dates back to the Middle Jurassic, having close to 175 million years.

The Dinosaur Footprints of Ourém / Torres Novas (also known as Galinha quarry footprints) are located in the western flank of Serra de Aire. It is a paleontological trace left on an extensive limestone slab, where there are approximately 20 tracks. One of the tracks, which are excellently preserved, stands out because of its great length: 147 metres. 

The majority of the footprints are deep and have a well-defined shape. It is discernible the rim formed by the moving of the sediment to the periphery, created by the animal’s pressure on the ground. Many still reveal clear fingerprints. 

The sauropods were potent animals, herbivores, quadrupeds, with a small head and long tail and neck. The tail possibly served as a defence mechanism against the predators. The neck helped them to keep the balance and allowed them to reach the highest vegetation, what was an advantage compared with smaller animals. 

At this “paleontological sanctuary”, with an area of 60,000 m2 which is part of the Serra de Aire and Candeeiros National Park, visitors can follow a track with more than 1000 metres and visit the Jurassic garden and the Interpretation Centre. 


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