Castelo do Bode Dam and Reservoir

The Castelo do Bode Dam impounds the waters of the River Zêzere at the borders of the municipalities of Tomar and Abrantes. It has three main functions: to generate electricity, to supply water, namely to the Lisbon area, and to allow the practise of various water sports. With over 60 km length, the Castelo do Bode Reservoir is the country’s second largest river basin. 

The privileged location and the surrounding pine forests come together and create a pleasant space for doing leisure activities and water sports, such as sailing, rowing, canoeing, windsurf, kayak, fishing and swimming. See many different types of vegetation, including pine trees, arbutus, eucalyptus, olive trees and heather.

Along the bay, in many corners, there are various river beaches, where visitors can enjoy the clean waters of the River Zêzere. Visit the river beaches of Aldeia do Mato (Abrantes), Castanheira (Ferreira do Zêzere) or Trízio (Sertã).  


GPS coordinates:

39° 32' 49,117" N / 8° 16' 45,297" W