Lapas Caves

Under the houses and typical streets of the village of Lapas, 2 km away from the city of Torres Novas, there is a hidden labyrinth of galleries excavated in the rock. 

The caves, which gave the village its name, are a group of underground tunnels, classified as Public Interest Property in 1943. The network of tunnels used to be under almost the entire hill where the town is set. However, only a part of the path is now accessible. 

The geology of the ground, soft limestone known as “tufa”, explains the relative ease with which men carved this singular archaeological gem a long time ago.


Note: contact the Civil Parish of the Union of Torres Novas - São Pedro, Lapas and Ribeira Branca. 

Phone number: +351 249 813 939



Largo das Catacumbas, 2350 Lapas, Torres Novas

GPS coordinates: 39º29’34.58”N 8º33’14.40”W


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 17:30

Free entrance