Holy Week in Sardoal

The religious and faith traditions of the municipality of Sardoal become even more relevant during the Holy and Easter Week. The greatest celebration is the “Passos do Senhor” Procession, which includes the Sermon of the Meeting at the Republic Square. This is always a moment of great emotion for all who attend the event. 

On the Holy Thursday evening, it takes place the “Senhor da Misericórdia” Procession (or “Fogaréus”). Be dazzled by the ambience that surrounds the procession. The lights of the candles and torches brighten the dark night creating a mythical and emotive atmosphere. The windows of the houses and the stairs of the Convent of Santa Maria da Caridade are adorned with 600 oil lamps. The 18th century panels which belong to the “Misericórdia” and represent scenes of the Passion are also exhibited.

Between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday, groups of residents and various entities and associations cooperate in the making of flower carpets which are then placed on the floors of the churches and chapels of the village (Misericórdia Church, Convent of Santa Maria da Caridade, and Senhor dos Remédios, Sant’Ana, Santa Catarina, Nossa Senhora do Carmo, S. Sebastião and Espírito Santo chapels). It is believed that this is a tradition exclusive of Sardoal.