“Levada” of Tomar – King’s Mills and Presses

The first mills and presses of Tomar were set near the river, in the 12th and 13th centuries, at the behest of the Templars. Of the presses that lasted until the present day, the oldest are the ones closer to the Old Bridge, namely the “Alcaide-Mor” and the “Secretário”, which are believed to have been built in the 13th century.  

After the dissolution of the religious orders, the presses had various private owners, including the Manuel Mendes Godinho Society. But they always retained the original features. 

With the advent of electricity, the old press of D. Pedro de Évora, built in the mid-fifteen century, began to house the power station which opened in 1901. Tomar was the fifth city in Portugal to have electricity. The high brick chimney recalls the period during which the power station ran with steam, through a tube boiler not existent anymore. 

This group of buildings is being rehabilitated by the municipal council to house a museum. 



Rua João Carlos Everard, 2300 Tomar

GPS coordinates:

39°36'14.8"N / 8°24'42.0"W