Historic Centre of Abrantes

Stroll through the historic centre of Abrantes and discover heritage of great historical, cultural and artistic interest. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the traditional confectionery of the municipality.

Visit the Castle / Fortress of Abrantes, the old S. Domingos Convent and the Santa Maria do Castelo Church. At the Raimundo Soares Square, former political and trade centre of the city, past activities gain new life in the present with the bronze sculptures by Óscar de Guimarães. Inspired by a photo from the 30’s, they represent three women going to a fountain. The Dr. Ramiro Guedes Square is ornamented with a sculpture in the shape of a flower by Óscar de Guimarães. Also at this square the most relevant historic facts are on exhibition on a chronological panel by the same author. See at the João de Deus Square a sculpture by Laranjeira Santos. 

If you have a sweet tooth, do not leave Abrantes without going to the Barão da Batalha Square. There one can find patisseries which sell the delicious “Palha de Abrantes” and the famous “Tigeladas”.


GPS coordinates:

39.463234 N / 8.197796 W