São Miguel Hill Fort

At the top of a hill north to the village of Amêndoa, remains of a settlement, which may have been inhabited 2000 years before Christ, have lingered in time. It must have known its apogee during the Lusitania-roman wars (between the 3rd century BC and the 1st century AD). 

The São Miguel Hill Fort is formed by approximately 50 houses, defended by walls on the sides with easiest access. All houses have walls made with dry stone or a very primitive mortar, and have a rectangular or quadrangular floorplan. It is set in a strategic location close to the old communication routes connecting tactical points of the pre-roman Lusitania. 



Serra da Ladeira (Amêndoa), 6120 Mação

GPS coordinates:

39º40’5.14”N /  08º3’52.25”W