The rivers Tagus and Zêzere are the two major water resources in the country, and they decorate the landscapes of the Médio Tejo region. The river Tagus rises in Sierra de Albarracín, in Spain, and flows through Alentejo, Beira and Ribatejo on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. The riverbed is adorned with craggy islands, standing out the one which houses the Almourol Castle. The river Zêzere rises in Serra da Estrela, near Covão da Ametade, and its waters are impound by the Castelo de Bode dam, creating one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. 

Get to know the territory that surrounds the two rivers, while walking along the Great Tagus Route and the Great Zêzere Route. The path of the Great Tagus Route, which connects Constância to Alvega, a town on the east side of the municipality of Abrantes, is mainly formed by agriculture fields and forests crossed by unpaved paths. The Great Zêzere Route follows the river from the spring, at Serra da Estrela, until the mouth, where it flows to the river Tagus in Constância, revealing a rich fauna and flora coupled with the heritage created by man.


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