Enter the world of scientific knowledge in the Médio Tejo region. Regardless of age range, one can acquire a vast body of information about geological elements, the composition of the universe and other scientific and technological themes. 

At the “Ciência Viva” Centre of Alviela, get to know the secrets of the Estremadura's Limestone Massif. Unveil the water underground paths with a 3D technology, as well as the fauna, flora and geological characteristics through interactive exhibitions. 

Travel around the universe while exploring the solar system and the galaxies at the “Ciência Viva” Centre of Constância. One can create three dimension images by light interference patterns at the holography laboratory, and see a simulation of the sky at any time, date or latitude. 

And, as science has no age limit, take the children to the Integrated Centre for Science Education, where the scientific and technological contents are contextualised by the history and culture of the municipality of Vila Nova da Barquinha.


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“Ciência Viva” Centre of Alviela 

“Ciência Viva” Centre – Astronomy Park

Integrated Centre for Science Education

  • ’Ciência Viva’ Centre - Constância
  • ’Ciência Viva’ Centre of Alviela - Alcanena
  • Integrated Centre for Science Education - Vila Nova da Barquinha

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