The many river beaches of the Médio Tejo territory are the ideal place to enjoy the warmest days in harmony with nature. Cool off in the clean waters of the region’s rivers and various streams, while being dazzled by the surrounding lush landscapes. 

For those who prefer adventure to rest, it is also possible to practise many water sports, such as wakeboard, sailing, rowing, canoeing, windsurf and jet ski, as well as touring on kayak or saddleback. There are cableways for practising wakeboard on the river beaches of five municipalities of the region: Aldeia do Mato (Abrantes), Lago Azul (Ferreira do Zêzere), Trízio (Sertã), Praia dos Montes (Tomar) and Fernandaires (Vila de Rei).   


Know more:

River Beach of Aldeia do Mato

River Beach of Castanheira or Lago Azul

River Beach of Trízio

River Beach of Montes

River Beach of Fernandaires

  • Abrantes - River Beach of Aldeia do Mato
  • Ferreira do Zêzere - Lago Azul
  • Sertã - River Beach of Trízio
  • Tomar-Montes
  • Vila de Rei - River Beach of Fernandaires

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