The Médio Tejo territory reveals the history of the early human presence, preceding the invention of writing, and of the roman occupation of Portugal. Discover the remains which lasted since pre-history at the Avecasta Cave, at the Archaeological Park of Ocreza and at the Rock Art Site of Fechadura, for example. At the São Miguel Hill Fort travel in time, while strolling near the remains of the fortified settlement from the Iron Age. Walk along the roman roads in the municipality of Sertã, and get to know the remains of the roman life at Villa Cardillio, the roman ruins of Alcolobre and the roman village of Coinas.


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Avecasta’s Cave

Archaeological Park of Ocreza

Rock Art Site of Fechadura

São Miguel Hill Fort

Villa Cardillio

Alcolobre Roman Ruins

Coinas Roman Village

  • Constância - Alcolobre Roman Ruins
  • Ferreira do Zêzere - Avecasta's Cave
  • Mação - Archaeological Park of Ocreza
  • Sertã - Rock Art Site of Fechadura
  • Torres Novas - Villa Cardillio

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