Travel through the Médio Tejo region and discover the six castles (Abrantes, Almourol, Ourém, Tomar, Torres Novas and Sertã) which guard a fascinating territory crossed by five rivers (Alviela, Almonda, Nabão, Tagus and Zêzere).

The Almourol, Abrantes and Tomar castles served as strongholds for the Templar knights in the Tagus Line during the period of the Christian Reconquista. Although the date of the foundation of the Ourém Castle is not known, this was a structure of extreme importance for the population of the medieval walled town. The Sertã Castle is a stage of legends, as the one of Celinda, a brave woman who drove out the romans by throwing a frying pan (“Sertage”) with boiling olive oil. Experience the Medieval period while strolling at the gardens of the Torres Novas Castle and attending the Medieval Fair it hosts every single year.

The rivers Alviela, Almonda, Nabão and Zêzere meander through the municipalities of Alcanena, Torres Novas, Ourém, Tomar, Ferreira do Zêzere and Constância until they flow into the Tagus, the biggest river of the Iberian Peninsula. Enjoy the river beaches and the reservoirs of crystalline water that the rivers of the Médio Tejo region have to offer.


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Abrantes Fortress 

Almourol Castle

Ourém Castle

Templar Castle

Torres Novas Castle

Sertã Castle

Alviela River

Almonda River

Nabão River

Tagus River

Zêzere River

  • Sertã Castle
  • Abrantes Castle
  • Almourol Castle
  • Templar Castle
  • Torres Novas Castle
  • River Almonda
  • River Alviela
  • River Nabão
  • River Tagus
  • River Zêzere

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