Festivals and Fairs

“Maranho” Gastronomy Festival


The “Maranho” Gastronomy Festival introduces every year in the month of July the most delicious specialities of Sertã. The stuffed goat sausages (“maranhos”), the stuffed tripe (“bucho”), the soup of fish from the river, the almond cartridges of Cernache do Bonjardim, the “filhós”, the sweet “merendas” and the wines delight the visitors.  

The stuffed goat sausages of Sertã are made and appreciated since the 19th century. They are part of the cultural and ethnographic heritage of the municipality.

Açorda Festival

Alvega Gastronomy Festival

At Table with Olive Oil

At Table with Olive Oil

The restaurants of Vila Nova da Barquinha introduce in the month of December a gastronomic exhibition based on dishes containing olive oil. This is a product with large tradition in the municipality.

Black Bass Gastronomic Festival

Black Bass Gastronomic Festival

The restaurants of the municipality of Vila de Rei cook the best black bass dishes for the gastronomic festival which takes place during the week of the 5th of October. Revel in the typical gastronomy of the municipality.

Cachola and Morcela Gastronomic Festival


The Cachola and Morcela Gastronomic Festival takes place in the participating restaurants of the municipality of Alcanena in November with the aim of recovering and valuing some of the more distinct flavours of the region. 

Cachola is a dish made with pork giblets, being also used in the making of soups. Take advantage of the event to discover and savour dishes made with the traditional “morcela de arroz” (rice black pudding).

Confectionery and Handcraft Festival

Exhibition Fair of Mouriscas

Fair of Smoked Sausages, Cheese and Honey

Honey from Vila de Rei

Get to know at the Fair of Smoked Sausages, Cheese and Honey the economic activities and the handicraft products of the municipality. The smoked sausages of Vila de Rei, the local and national cheese and honey, the embroidery, the handicraft and the wickerwork delight the visitors during nine days.

The musical entertainment is guaranteed by some of the main Portuguese artists. It takes place between the last Saturday of July and the first Sunday of August. 


Place: Parque das Feiras, Vila de Rei

Festival de Arroz e Pataniscas

Congresso da Sopa

Lamprey Festival

Lamprey rice

Every year between February and April, the lamprey is queen in the restaurants of the municipality of Mação. The lamprey rice lovers cannot miss this event that takes place during the fishing season of this delicacy. As it is traditional in the municipality, the rice is made with the blood of the lamprey, but it is served separated from it.

Mação Exhibition Fair

Get to know the activities that boost the economy of Mação during the first weekend of the month of July. Close to 100 stands at the Exhibition Fair introduce the main emerging economic activities, the most traditional handicraft and restaurants with traditional menus. 

The animation continues during the evening with performances by renowned national artists and regional folklore groups.