The Gastronomic Menu “À Mesa com Mação” (“At Table with Mação”) combines the flavours and the knowledge related with the gastronomy of the municipality. Get to know the products planted in the farms and the livestock kept by the inhabitants, both important for the cooking of the traditional dishes of the region. With this book by Armando Fernandes and published by the Municipal Council of Mação, the traditions gain a new importance in the present. 

The Gastronomic Menu, first published in 2012, comprises many recipes which delight the inhabitants from north to south of the municipality. The recipes were chosen based on a research conducted in the population, namely the oldest inhabitants, who are an important source of knowledge both about the day-to-day and special dates eating habits. 

In 2014, it won the Gastronomic Literature Prize in Paris, having been distinguished by its great scientific and cultural value. 


Where to buy:

Tourism Office of Mação

Municipal Council of Mação

Municipal Library of Mação

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