Two of the best-known buildings in the country are located in Médio Tejo: the Convent of Christ and the Sanctuary of Fátima. Stay one day in the region and, besides visiting these two landmarks, savour the traditional gastronomy.


Sanctuary of Fátima 

The Sanctuary of Fátima is known by many as altar of the world. Every year it receives approximately five to six million tourists from various countries in the world. The Chapel of the Sightings marks the place where Our Lady appeared to the three little shepherds. 

The Nossa Senhora do Rosário Basilica, which began to be constructed in 1928 and was acclaimed in 1954 by Pio XII, boasts fifteen altars representing the Rosary mysteries. 

Address: Santuário de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, 2495 Fátima

GPS coordinates: 39º 37´ 59,94" N 8º 40´ 22,17" W


Medieval Village of Ourém

Before heading to Tomar, go to the Medieval Village of Ourém an architectural heritage which combines the Gothic, Mudéjar, Manueline, Baroque and Pombaline styles. During lunch, savour the local gastronomy at Ucharia do Conde and drink the traditional “ginjinha” (sour cherry brandy).

Address: Nossa Senhora das Misericórdias, 2490-481 Ourém

GPS coordinates: 39º 38’ 27,50’’ N 8º 35’ 29,60’’ W 



Convent of Christ 

Protected by the walls of the Templar Castle, along with which it was considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983, the Convent of Christ was built on the top of a hill from where the city of Tomar can be seen. 

Since it was built during seven centuries (from the 12th to the 18th), it reveals the influence of various architectural styles. Be dazzled by the round church (“Charola”) which features the Romanesque and Byzantine styles. Stroll through the seven cloisters and discover the Renaissance, Gothic, Mannerism and Baroque styles. The Chapterhouse Window, adorned with elements representing the Discoveries, is the epitome of the Manueline art.

Address: Igreja do Castelo Templário, 2300 Tomar

GPS coordinates: N - 39º 36' 14.8536" / W - 8º 25' 9.231"


Historic Centre of Tomar 

After visiting the Convent of Christ, go down to the Historic Centre of Tomar. Walk along the centenary parallel and perpendicular streets to the Republic Square and stroll on the shadows of the trees at the Mouchão Park. 

GPS coordinates: 39°36'13.1"N / 8°24'52.6"W 




Choose one of the various restaurants of the municipality of Sertã and savour the famous stuffed goat sausages (“maranhos”) and the stuffed tripe (“bucho”).

  • Tomar - Historic Centre
  • Tomar - Convent of Christ
  • Ourém - Sanctuary of Fátima
  • Ourém - Medieval Village

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