Zêzere Trail

The Zêzere Trail is a sporting event organised by the Athletics Club of Ferreira do Zêzere with the support of the Municipal Council of Ferreira do Zêzere and other institutions.

It comprises three competitions with different distances and difficulty levels. The “Great Zêzere Trail – K70” is approximately 70 km long and has close to 3024 metres of positive cumulative slope length. The “Zêzere Trail – K35” has a distance of close to 35 km with approximately 1538 metres of positive cumulative slope length. The “Zêzere Mini Trail – K20” is 20 km long and has 697 metres of positive cumulative slope length. 

A walk of close to 15 km and the “Little Trail of Zêzere”, aimed at children of Bambis and Youth levels, with three distances (1000, 1500 and 2000 metres) are also organised.

GPS coordinates: 39.693527 / -8.290531

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