Great Zêzere Route

The Great Zêzere Route is a linear track, with a total length of 370 km, following the river Zêzere from the source, at Serra da Estrela, until it flows into the river Tagus in Constância. The track stretches along 14 municipalities, including six in the Médio Tejo region (Sertã, Ferreira do Zêzere, Vila de Rei, Sardoal, Abrantes, Constância). 

Along the way various sceneries are revealed. The rich fauna and flora of the region are combined with the heritage created by Man, making this track a surprising journey.   

The track can be traverse on foot, but also by bicycle or by canoe. Choose one of the possibilities or intersperse more than one. In Constância, the Great Zêzere Route crosses with the Great Tagus Route, being possible to perform both paths.   

Address: Alto de St. Bárbara, Via Galileu Galilei - nº 817 

Municipality: Constância

GPS coordinates: 39° 29' 42,020" N / 8° 19' 26,184" W

Phone number: +351 275 647 700

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