Great Route 12/E7 – Path of Tagus

The footpath of the Great Route 12/E7 – Path of Tagus stretches across the municipalities of Abrantes and Constância, being possible to walk along it in both directions. The fertile lands of the riverside, featuring large agriculture lands, and the fauna comprising water lizards, frogs, water snakes, otters, tortoises, crows, herons and storks embellish the walk.   

Between the Constância Riverside Park and the south bank of the Aquapolis in Abrantes, the trail stretches across farmlands, mainly of sunflowers and maize. But it is also possible to glimpse the typical sugarcane fields, as well as some willows and poplars. 

In Abrantes, one can visit the historic centre, churches, museums and monuments, but also to be amazed by the wonderful views of the river and the city.

The second stage of the track begins at the Aquapolis and continues to the canoeing station of Alvega. The banks of the Tagus are here inhabited by poplars, lotus trees, willows and some cork trees. One can also discover the Senhora da Guia Chapel and the Alfanzira Channel. 

This is a linear path, which in total stretches across 45 km. It can be traversed during the entire year, although the ideal time to do so is around March and November.

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