Zêzere Path

The Zêzere Path stretches along a roman road, which was the single land connection between the two banks of the river Zêzere until 1954. It has 7 km, which can be traversed during all year, being necessary to pay special attention in summer due to the heat. 

The path, which takes three hours to complete, is accompanied by a rich forest heritage with many cork trees at the granite cliffs near the stream of Porteleiros. See the Philippine bridge from the 17th century which is the postcard of Pedrógão Pequeno. Enjoy the many viewpoints and the resting areas. Along this path one will also pass near the Levada Path and cross the tunnel of Moinho das Freiras, a place with a landscape of magnificent beauty. 

GPS coordinates: 39°54'40.41"N / 08° 7`49.55"W

Starting point: Municipal Market of Pedrógão Pequeno

Municipality: Sertã

More information: http://turismo.cm-serta.pt/media/16133/PR2_Trilho_do_Zezere.pdf