Windmills Route

The rural heritage of the civil parish of Monsanto, municipality of Alcanena, is revealed while strolling along the 9 km of the Windmills Route. The walk of close to 3h15 starts near the Espírito Santo Parish Church. The trail continues afterwards in direction to Casais da Moreta. At the cliff formed by the hillock of Monsanto, there is a windmill recently recovered. 

Get to know also the temporary Moreta lagoon, located near an area of clay extraction used in the construction industry. The following old quarry tells the story of the geological transformations that contributed to the inception of the limestone massif. Continuing down the path, go by the mill after which it is visible the slope that gives access to the Alviela’s springs. 

The surrounding area of the river beach of Olhos de Água of Alviela, featuring olive grove and cork oak forests, contrasts with the mountainous landscapes which characterised the start of this path. 

Starting point: Monsanto Church

Municipality: Alcanena

GPS coordinates: 39º27'50.00"N / 8º42'38.70"W

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