Shepherds and Lajeira Route

Be dazzled by the landscapes and the historical heritage which you will find along the interesting path of the Shepherds and Lajeira Route in the municipality of Sertã. This is a circular footpath with variant which stretches along 13.5 km and can be completed in approximately five hours. 

Visit the rock art stations of Lajeira and Fechadura, where engravings from the period between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, and the Chalcolithic and the Iron Age, respectively, can be seen. 

The path is difficult to complete, but it can be traversed in any time of the year, being necessary, however, to pay special attention during summer, due to the heat.  

GPS coordinates: 39°50'10.97''N / 7°59'8.54''W

Starting point: Basic School of Relvas

Municipality: Sertã

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