Shepherd Path

The Shepherd Path stretches along the old road which used to connect Abrantes to Sardoal. This is a circular route with 7.2 km, completed in close to 2h30, which will stir your senses. Listen to the sheep’s and goats’ bells tinkle, feel the nature scents, and see the natural heritage, such as the centenary olive trees and the majestic cork tree of Dona Maria, one of the highest in the region. 

One can also appreciate the interesting cultural and religious heritage: the Parish Church, the Misericórdia Church, the chapels, the stone pillory, as well as the fountains. Sardoal was known by the quality of its waters, which were sought by many nobles. 

GPS coordinates: 39º 32’ 04,29’’ N / 08º 09’ 40,18’’W

Starting Point: Republic Square 

Municipality: Sardoal

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