Shale Pathway of Água Formosa

The Shale Pathway of Água Formosa makes use of the old millers and farmers trails, which until a recent past ensured the connection to the watermills, close to the streams of Galega and Valada. 

Along this circular footpath, with 7.4 km, it is possible to find alders, poplars, arbutus and mastic trees, among other species. The place is also perfect for watching birds and for encountering other animals, such as the emblematic kingfishers or the shy red squirrel. Take advantage of the small nooks and enjoy the nature’s features, which are an invitation to contemplation, during the 2h50 that takes to finish this path.

GPS coordinates:  39º 38’ 4.81”N / 8º 5’ 59.22”W 

Starting point: Água Formosa

Municipality: Vila de Rei

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