Scents and Flavours Route

Along the Scents and Flavours Route one can enjoy a magnificent landscape rich in various animal species. It is possible to find mills, weirs and farming lands on the banks of many streams and brooks, such as the stream of Amioso, stream of Pequena and stream of Marinha, where one will have the pleasure to enjoy the beauty created by the force of nature.

The town of Amioso, where the footpath starts and ends, has mainly rural features. The flora is characterised by the existence of oaks, eucalyptus, olive and pine trees. Foxes, hares, rabbits and boars may cross your path along the walk, which takes close to four hours. 

The footpath, which has a medium difficulty level, may be traversed during any season of the year, despite it being recommended mainly during spring and autumn. 

GPS coordinates: 39°51'52.08''N / 8°5'7.14''W

Starting point: ACRAMIOSO - Associação do Amioso

Municipality: Sertã

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