Olhos de Água of Alviela Route

Along this small route footpath one can unveil the spring of Olhos de Água and the mouth of the stream of Amiais, which disappears amongst the rocks through a cave. The water flowing throughout the years led to the erosion of the soil. Currently, the stream flows underground along 250 metres. 

During one hour, stroll along 1.5 km and be surrounded by nature. Discover the “dark well” (temporary spring of Alviela), the karst window (depression formed by the rebate of the cave’s ceiling, over the bed of the underground stream) and the fluvial-Karst canion of Amiais. 

Starting point: Olhos d'Água of Alviela

Municipality: Alcanena

GPS coordinates: 39° 26' 41,690" N / 8° 42' 38,467" W

More information: http://cm-alcanena.pt/index.php/pt/visitar-2/oquefazer/fazerrotasepercursos/153-rotas/528-rota-olhos-de-agua-do-alviela