Great Route of Silver and Gold

Walk along the Great Route of Silver and Gold, during approximately seven hours, with the stream of Codes as partner. The “conheiras”, heap of shingles near the stream, are remains of the open-air mining exploration, both of silver and gold. 

This is a linear path with 31 km which connects Sardoal and Vila de Rei. As once the stream had a large flow, the connection between the two municipalities was done through a bridge, from which there are only ruins left in the almost desert village of Codes.             

Close to the river beach of Penedo Furado, find the “Bicha Pintada”, a fossil probably more than 480 million years old. Between it and the large rock, according to legend, there is a golden calf left there by an enchanted Moor woman.

GPS coordinates: 39º 32’ 09,99’’N / 08º 09’ 41,39’’W

Starting point: Centro Cultural Gil Vicente - Av. D. João III

Municipality: Sardoal

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