Friars Route

The name of the Friars Route derives from the former existence of an old friars’ school at Serra de Santo António. During 10.8 km, traversed in close to 3h45, many geological, cultural and natural resources are revealed to you.   

The path starts near the Bajouco (natural depression in the rock, due to the accumulation of rainwater) and continues, festooned by loose stone walls, along olive groves and herding areas until the main road.  The following typical mountain vegetation hides marks from the wheels of the ox-wagons, which in the past carried stones from the region’s quarries. 

After getting to Casal, keep going up until finding the wells, a community structure built to provide water to the population and animals during summer. At the highest point of the mountain range, contemplate the Santo António plateau, the Mira / Minde Polje, and the São Mamede and Serra de Aire plateau. 

Starting point: Serra de Santo António Plateau

Municipality: Alcanena

GPS coordinates: 39º30'50.60"N / 8º43'01.90"W

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