Footpath: Bairro / Casal Farto

The footpath which connects Bairro, Vale de Cavalos and Casal Farto starts near the Natural Monument of Dinosaur Footprints of Serra de Aire. Along 10 km, one can unveil not only a rich natural heritage but also examples of cultural heritage. 

Visit the Flora Interpretation Centre of the Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros, and enjoy the unique characteristics of the surrounding natural landscapes, which are distinguishable for its karstic formations, such as caves and ravines. Although there are no water streams at the surface, there are plenty of underground water streams and some freshwater ponds. 

Along the path one can also get to know the typical traditional architecture of Vale de Cavalos, which features houses made with stone, and the built heritage of Casal Farto. See the sun clock at the entablement of one of the houses in the town and the chapel from the Templars period, which is located close to a group of houses used for rural tourism. 

This path has approximately five hours duration and is of medium difficulty. The walk is done along footpaths and paved roads. 

GPS coordinates: 39º34'21.06'' N / 8º35'18.45'' W  

Starting point: Natural Monument of Dinosaur Footprints - Estrada de Fátima

Municipality: Ourém