Ferreiros Route

The Ferreiros Route, which connects the towns of Malhou and Chã de Cima, in the municipality of Alcanena, reveals the many activities of the rural population. During 10.2 km, get to know the agriculture and forest fields typical of the region and see the windmills and the croplands. The grinding was one of the most important activities for the inhabitants. By the end of the path, which lasts close to 3h30, pass by the public wash houses, where until today women wash clothes as it was usual many years ago. 

Starting point: Malhou Church 

Municipality: Alcanena

GPS coordinates: 39º25’29.78”N / 8º41’02.38’’W 

More information: http://cm-alcanena.pt/index.php/pt/visitar-2/oquefazer/fazerrotasepercursos/153-rotas/533-rota-dos-ferreiros