Estevas Route

Be amazed by the rich landscape which surrounds the Estevas Route, which stretches along 12.2. km in the municipality of Sertã. Go through many villages, such as Rebaixia dos Tomés, Chão da Telha, Vale da Ponte, Rebaixia dos Faustinos and Casal de Santana. 

Churches, chapels, crosses and little shrines are a constant along this path, what reveals the religiosity of the inhabitants. The stream of Tamolha and the bridge of Isna are places from where one can enjoy beautiful landscapes. At the end of the path, visit the Parish Church devoted to Santa Ana. 

This is a path difficult to complete, with an approximate duration of 4h30. It can be traversed in any time of the year, although it is necessary to pay special attention during summer due to the heat. 

GPS coordinates: 39°46'22.12''N / 8°6'53.77''W

Starting point: Cumeada Church 

Municipality: Sertã

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