Enchanted Moors Path

While walking along the Enchanted Moors Path, with a distance of 5.5 km, one can discover many settings of stories and legends with enchanted Moors, wolfs and witches as main characters. 

According to the elderly, from the Presa one can see the shine of the belts worn by the enchanted Moors, who wash clothes on the stream waters, during moonlit nights. At the place of Rosamana, where Rosa and Mana lived, it used to be left money and linen which the following day appeared transformed into line skeins, coiled by the beautiful Moors.

The walk, which lasts approximately four hours, is accompanied by a rich natural heritage. The path from the stream to the Lapa dam is rich in various species (kingfishers, black goshawks, herons and cormorants) which live among the trees (poplars, alders and willows).

At the end of this circular path, you will pass near Artelinho, where linen is still planted and transformed into threads, which are then used to make duvets and cloths. There, rattan is still used to make baskets, and eggs are one of the main ingredients used in the knead cakes and the delicious “tigeladas”.       

GPS coordinates: 39º 33’ 43,6”N / 08º 07’ 33,13”W

Starting point: Largo do Mercado - Santa Clara 

Municipality: Sardoal  

More information: http://www.cm-sardoal.pt/images/CMS/Descobrir/Desportos_Natureza/Caminho_Moura_Encantada/PR5_Desdobravel.pdf.pdf