Celinda Route

While walking along the 21.5 km of the linear footpath Celinda Route, which connects the civil parishes of Sertã and Troviscal, one will be amazed by the diversity of the fauna and flora and with the banks of the stream of Sertã. Get to know also the typical features of rural life.

The path, with approximately seven hours duration, may be traversed in any time of the year, but it is necessary to pay special attention during summer, due to the heat, and it is not recommended during periods of heavy rain. 

GPS coordinates: 39°51'36.28"N / 8° 0'28.62"W

Starting point: River Beach of Troviscal

Municipality: Sertã

More information: http://turismo.cm-serta.pt/media/16138/PR7_Rota_da_Celinda.pdf