Bufos Path

While walking along the Bufos Path, which stretches along a roman road, one unveils the secrets of the magnificent granite cliffs of the Zêzere’s valley and can see the round wing eagle usually flying around the place. 

The stream of Porteleiros, the town of Casal dos Bufos (which gives the name to this path), the dam and quarry of Cabril, from which it was taken the stone to build the dam, and the mountain of Senhora da Confiança are some of the places which can be seen along this track with 9.75 km.

The path, with approximately 3h30 of duration, is of easy conclusion and can be walked on during anytime of the year, being necessary to be especially careful in summer due to the heat. 

GPS coordinates: 39°54'40.41"N / 08° 7`49.55"W

Starting point: Municipal Market of Pedrógão Pequeno

Municipality: Sertã

More information: http://turismo.cm-serta.pt/media/16132/PR1_Trilho_dos_Bufos.pdf