Bufareiras Trail

The Bufareiras Trail is a linear footpath of short route between Vila de Rei and the River Beach of Penedo Furado which stretches along 9 km, taking close to 3h30 to complete. Stroll along the paths which will take you to the Bufareiras area and discover an unusual landscape ornamented with many waterfalls. Get to know one of the most iconic and mystical places of the region which comprises the River Beach of Penedo Furado.

GPS coordinates: 39°40'14.12"N / 8° 8'49.79"W  

Starting point: Cross of Vila de Rei – Alto da Forca

Municipality: Vila de Rei

More information: http://www.cm-viladerei.pt/images/turismo/percursos/ficheiros/folheto%20bufareiras.pdf