Agroal Footpaths

At the Agroal area, visitors can unveil a rich natural landscape while strolling along one of two footpaths. The first track is 1.8 km long and stretches along the slope nearby the fluvial-karst cannon. See the diverse fauna and flora, both typically Mediterranean. During summer, enjoy the river beach. 

The second path is the longest, with a distance of close to 8.1 km. There are many oaks and holms along the way. The track is in its majority paved, since it passes through many villages. 

On both footpaths it is possible to encounter mammals, such as badgers, water shrews and otters, as well as amphibians, like the green frog, and reptiles, as the water snakes.

GPS coordinates: 39° 40' 44,796" N /  8° 26' 10,370" W 

Starting point: Parque Natureza do Agroal

Municipality: Ourém

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